Our purpose is to promote sustainable economic growth and empowerment within the black-owned business community. We are committed to achieving this by focusing on four key pillars: education, advocacy, mentorship, and networking.

Through education, we strive to equip black-owned businesses with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to thrive in a competitive marketplace. By providing access to educational programs, workshops, and seminars, we aim to empower entrepreneurs with valuable insights, industry trends, and best practices.

Advocacy lies at the heart of our mission. We advocate for the interests and needs of black-owned businesses at various levels, engaging with policymakers, organizations, and stakeholders to drive meaningful change. By championing inclusive policies, fostering an equitable business environment, and addressing systemic barriers, we aim to create a more level playing field for black entrepreneurs.

Mentorship plays a crucial role in our approach. We believe in the power of guidance and support, pairing aspiring or established black-owned businesses with experienced mentors who offer valuable advice, encouragement, and industry-specific knowledge. Through mentorship programs, we foster meaningful connections and facilitate personal and professional growth.

Networking forms the cornerstone of our efforts. We recognize the significance of building strong networks and connections within the business community. By organizing networking events, conferences, and collaborative initiatives, we provide platforms for black entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate, and forge partnerships. These networking opportunities facilitate the exchange of ideas, business opportunities, and shared experiences, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of black-owned businesses.

Through our comprehensive approach encompassing education, advocacy, mentorship, and networking, we are dedicated to advancing the economic growth, success, and sustainability of black-owned businesses. By empowering entrepreneurs, addressing systemic challenges, and cultivating a supportive community, we aspire to create a future where black-owned businesses thrive and contribute to the overall prosperity of our society.

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We provide most of our services FREE to our small businesses and entrepreneurs because of the support received.  If you have not joined this chamber that is positively impacting our community, please consider joining today (AAGACC Membership Application – African American Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce), and let’s work together to build an even stronger economic impact as we invest in each other.

As a member, we will expose your business to opportunities to increase your networking opportunities, provide advertisements of your job opportunities on our website, advise you of available seminars and roundtables, and make available an online directory of Black businesses within the state.

As we are finalizing our 2023 calendar, please advise us of specific training/workshops and support that you believe will benefit your organization and others.

We are here for you, and remember, membership has privileges!!!!

-Karla D. Causey, President/CEO

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